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Selected Other Works Published by Stephen Lewis

Procession (Published in Dunes Review, Vol. 8, June, 2003)

Bird Song, an excerpt from A Child Shall Lead Them (Published in North Atlantic Review, No. 9, 1997)

Herod (Published in North Atlantic Review, No. 8, 1996)

Nolo Contendere (Published in Pangolin Papers, Summer,1998) 

Threnody for a Moth (Published in Nebo, Volume 5, No. 1)

Lungs (Published in North Atlantic Review, No.14, 2002/2003)

Cedar Beach (Published in Dunes Review, Vol. 7, Issue 2, December, 2002)

A Street in Brooklyn (Published in Dunes Review Vol. 9, June, 2004)

Of A Certain Time and Place (Published in North Atlantic Review, December 2006)

The Visitor (Previously published in The Chariton Review 32/2 (Fall 2009), Truman State University Press, Kirksville, MO)

Eagles Rising (Published in the Palo Alto Review, April, 2011)

A Foolish Son  (Published in the Copperfield Reeview,  April, 2014)

The King Knew Her Not (Published in the Green Hills Literary Lantern, July 2015).


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